Lower School Car Dismissal Guidelines

The following is a list of recommendations and requirements for maximum functionality of the parking lot traffic flow and child pick-up process. This has been designed to help all of our CSAS families

  • Practice courtesy. Our children learn from our example. They are watching.
  • Look and listen for children and adults at all times.
  • Follow a strict 3 mph speed limit.
  • Drive only with-in designated lanes.
  • Park only in striped parking spaces.
  • Please refrain from cell phone/smart phone usage while in the driving lanes of the lot.
  • Stop for all children and adults in the crosswalks.
  • Absolutely follow traffic flow directions from teachers on duty!
  • The bus entrance is for buses only and staff parking during regular school hours.
  • The passage from the bus lane to the back lot is now blocked to minimize traffic danger to children.
  • The only available entrance and exit for the back parking lot is the gate from Siskin Dr.
  • All traffic entering the lot must turn right and follow the striped lanes to a drop-off/ pick-up point or a designated parking spot.
  • Morning drop-off will occur in the right lane only, either along the gym wall or along the tile wall adjacent to the main building. Once your child has exited your vehicle, you may travel in the left lane to the exit.
  • Afternoon pick-up will occur in both right and left lanes in front of the tile wall. (Pickup will no longer occur adjacent to the gym). There are plans to place a hard surface ground cover and construct a covered awning above the tile-wall waiting area.
  • The pick-up zone is in both the right and left lanes only in the space between the speed bumps in front of the tile wall.
  • The new pick-up zone will allow space to load children into 3 or 4 cars in each lane.
  • Loading should occur promptly and as quickly as possible. Be prepared to move forward and exit the lot as soon as possible.
  • There is a single lane exit from the back gate onto Siskin Dr. You must quickly and smoothly merge to the right into the exit lane in order to keep the traffic flowing.
  • It is absolutely inappropriate to shove your vehicle in front of another vehicle to attempt to jockey for a better position in the line to get out of the lot.
  • If you are waiting in the car line to pick up your child, STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE! When the line moves and you are not in your vehicle, you block the flow and you are the problem.
  • If you would like to socialize with another parent, please find a marked parking space, park you vehicle before doing so.
  • If you are parked in a space immediately adjacent to the traffic flow lanes during pickup times and have a desire to leave the lot, you may ask another courteous parent to let you exit. However do not expect that it is appropriate to shove your vehicle out of your parking space and into a lane. Please understand that you may have to relax and wait a while. Patience is a necessary virtue.
  • Please refrain from dirty looks and any less than courteous comments to any other parents, teachers, and volunteers present in the parking lot.
  • Be constantly aware of the presence of children.
  • Be an example of courteous behavior.
  • Teach all children watching how we should appropriately behave and work together in confined spaces and high pressure situations.
  • Thank you to all the volunteers involved in the improvements of the CSAS parking lot and car line. We look forward to a smooth transition to a streamlined parking lot process.
Thank you in advance to all the CSAS parents
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